Science Night

Science Night

Are you:

  • still bitter about that stinging 8th grade Science Fair defeat?
  • a self-proclaimed nerd ”SCIENCE ENTHUSIAST”?
  • highly competitive?
  • open to making a mess you don’t have to clean up yourself?

Join us in the ArgoLab (also known as upstairs) for SCIENCE NIGHT!

Every week we’ll have a science or engineering challenge along with science-themed trivia. We’ll provide the materials, all you need to bring is your friends and some smarts. Make a team, grab a kit and start experimenting!

EAT FOOD. DRINK BOOZE. And COLLABORATE on the best way to WIN PRIZES ($50 Argo gift card for the challenge winners, $25 gift card for the trivia winners, and a bottle of wine for the best team name. Wait, this sounds familiar… Thanks, Pub Quiz!)

In the case of a tie, or (gasp) if there’s no experiment completion/success, we’ll have extra trivia questions to help with scoring.

Science Night takes place every Tuesday from 8-10 p.m. We recommend getting there a little earlier to secure a seat and get your orders in before the experiment starts.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can get in touch with us at